Perth Leader in Funerals, Weddings and Celebrant Training. Here to celebrate people and their stories. Ingrid Reiger, since 2010

Infinite Memories

When I began this journey back in 2010, I knew I wanted to work with people and tell stories.
Simple right?

I began with weddings, then became passionate about funerals and farewells done the RIGHT way. I wanted to spread the knowledge, enter Training. . . . .then more experience flowed into Family Death Care Advocacy and Mentoring work. Later, a podcast, which aims to break down barriers and smash stigmas.

So it’s been a journey – choose your adventure, right here!!!


The WHEN is WHEN time is of the essence, or you have a lot of time.

Your time is precious, I value your time and the time spent in ritual, in ceremony and the planning which I take for that ceremony, celebration and YOUR special celebration or farewell.

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Where can you get in contact with me and find out more?
Click below for all the links to my socials. This is where I update regularly all the “goings on” at Forever Now and you can also read really up-to-date information. Also, included if you click below are all the questions and answers you may have about WHERE you can get married.

Been thinking of somewhere a bit “out of the way”, or obscure?
No problems, if you’ve thought of it, chances are I have too!! Maybe even performed a wedding, memorial or funeral there before. So get those maps out and let’s go on an adventure!!

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how – /haʊ/

1. in what way or manner; by what means.
2. used to ask about the condition or quality of something.

OK, so in what way or manner? A professional and timely one of course!!!
Click below to find out HOW to contact me and HOW you can engage my services.

Oh, and the second part of the definition of HOW? The condition or quality of something?
Well the answer to that would certainly be to the condition YOU desire to the absolute HIGHEST quality.

My expertise means that when you ASK HOW, I answer, HOWEVER far, big, intimate, involved, personalised, fun or intricate you need it to be. Click to find out all the HOW’s and I’ll show you HOW 😃

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Why do I do what I do?
Because of that opening statement “I love people and their stories”, yes. It took me a while to figure out “What I wanted to do with my life”………. So when I did, I wanted to do it all and do it well. Weddings, Funerals, Training, telling the world about my industry through a podcast. I am passionate about not just good service but exceptional service.

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  • Juanita & Dustin – Married in South Yunderup

    Our wedding day was perfect in every way…. but it was made truly perfect by being married by you Ingrid. The time you took to put together the perfect script that suited our relationship and personalities was just amazing.

    We can’t thank you enough. We’ll be forever grateful for being married by our beautiful friend on our perfect day.

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    Juanita & Dustin – Married in South Yunderup
  • Andrea & Simon Noyce – Married In Kings Park

    We asked Ingrid to be our Celebrant at the last minute as our previous Celebrant had become ill. Even thought it was only weeks before our big day, Ingrid was professional and confident, designing a beautifully worded ceremony to suit our requirements. Ingrid made our day very special and stress free and we would definitely recommend her. Andrea

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    Andrea & Simon Noyce – Married In Kings Park
  • Brooke & Warrick – Married In Swan

    Hi Ingrid, I would just like to thank you for all of your work on Saturday and prior too. And also apologize that I didn’t get to do this on Saturday. So thanks again your work is impeccable. Cheers Brooke

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    Brooke & Warrick – Married In Swan
  • Oliver & Karen – Married In Sunken Gardens

    Just wanted say another big big thank you for being the most brilliant celebrant on our big day! Your modern yet down to earth approach added such a warm and special touch to our wedding. It was great to have had you there x

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    Oliver & Karen – Married In Sunken Gardens

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